It’s National Caffeine Awareness Month

Another interesting thing for the month of March, isn’t it? I was quite impressed with the talk of caffeine. On one hand does it mean we should be aware of what caffeinated beverages we are drinking? Is it telling us to lay off caffeine all together? Heavens no, and let’s do perish that thought entirely is what I say! I love my coffee, lattes, etc. just way too much for such foolishness. Regular tea has almost as much caffeine in it as coffee.

Sorry to report the Twinnie’s much loved chai tea has caffeine in it, too. I can’t say much bad on the chai tea subject, I am really starting to love it more each day. First it started because Autumn so wanted me to try it…Now, it’s really grown on me! I actually do drink a mug or two a day now. Oh  no more caffeine for me! As far as coffee I really do hold it down to 2-3 cups a day most of the time. Oh no, even more caffeine! How much am I up to anyway?!

Caffeinated sodas, they have quite a bit, too and I don’t drink the stuff personally. Please don’t be offended by that statement any kind readers that like it and drink it. Remember we all like different things! I won’t even get into the aspartame thing in the diet sodas, it’s not too good for anybody…But again, not my business to preach. If anyone wants to check it out, it might be a good idea is all will say. Chocolate has some caffeine in it…Sorry, I am not giving up my chocolate either. Common sense tells me the month of National Caffeine Awareness means just that. Just be aware, try to use caffeine wisely I would think. You know, practice moderation! 🙂

Do any of you kind readers drink (or eat) too much caffeine? Please do feel free to share! The only thing in the caffeine category I would be afraid to over do is Red Bull or any of those drinks. That is because of the bad things that can happen to you from abusing it. I have read some bad things on those drinks, again I am not really doing any preaching…Look it up for yourselves please if you disagree. Just keep in mind, my opinions are “my humble opinion only.” 🙂

I honestly think the month of March being National Awareness of Caffeine is a good thing. We can all look at our own use of caffeine and take it from there…Just be aware. Awareness is always a very smart thing I think, how about anybody else? Any of you kind readers have any thoughts on this subject? Sharing is always fun I say! 🙂 🙂


17 thoughts on “It’s National Caffeine Awareness Month

    • I know that Chai is needed, can’t believe that I just love it now, too! 🙂 But I still do love my coffee, too! We all do need to be careful of our caffeine intake, too much can be not so good. I know, that chocolate does look very good Twinnie! 😉 🙂 TF ❤

  1. OMG Gabby I think this day is celebrated just for people like me!!
    i have only two seasons,coffee and tea..
    they are as important as oxygen have to have atleast 3-4 cups of chai and 1 cups of coffee or I dont know what kind of meaningful things i will start writing …have you seen my posts they are mostly under the influence of coffee or tea..
    i know we shouldnt take much( i dont i swear) but then life is nothing without chai,coffee and chocolates…

    • I hear what you’re saying Soma, my caffeine intake is about the same as yours. That was an awesome way to phrase it, you only have two seasons, coffee and tea. I just simply love it! 🙂 I am laughing about your posts being written under the influence of coffee and tea. Your posts are wonderful, so do keep up with that amount of caffeine Soma! You are also right on, life is nothing without chai tea, coffee and chocolates and I agree 100%! 🙂

    • You really are such a good Mom, Abby is so lucky to have you! 🙂 It’s good you still have your chocolates, they are a nice treat every now and then. Thanks so much for enjoying the post! 🙂

  2. OOOOOOO is all I can say on this post, I love this post. Even though I have neglecting my coffee since I bn sick, I always get threw off it when I get sick and go in hospital and when i come home! Now starting to get that need to have it again. I’m so loving this post. So tea has caffeine as well, hmmm that so can be good thing and bad thing for me. Darn it! Thank You for sharing such lovely post! God Bless 🙂

    • I am happy you loved this post PJ! I know, you have been in and out of the hospital a lot again and your coffee drinking is thrown off. We want you to stop having to visit that place for a good long time! I know you do have to watch the caffeine with your illness and maybe go for the decaf coffee and herbal teas, maybe? God Bless you, too! Hugs 🙂

  3. Gabby, I love lattes, chocolate and tea, but I believe I do try to indulge in moderation, as you said…my non-fat vanilla lattes are more popular right now, with having chocolate, occasionally~ xx

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