It’s OK to Color Outside the Lines… ~BY Gabrielle Angel

Sometimes Autumn and I did color outside the lines. It was OK with our Dad and Mom, too. When we got our first coloring books and crayons, there was a lot of coloring done mostly outside the lines. Could it be some of those pictures just begged to be colored in this fashion?

The nice part was our parents never made a big deal of “perfect coloring” on those pages of a coloring book. Dad and Mom both sat down to color with us, that was always fun. I have such memories of those good times. Autumn and I were both just fascinated with all the colors of crayons to choose from, so many awesome colors! 🙂 We really did share quite nicely I must say, no battles over who got what crayon. In fact, being twins we often helped each other out with this vast array of colors. What would be the best crayon choice, we would discuss these things. It was nice always getting each other’s opinions, it was and still is very nice having a twin sister to do this with. 🙂

Eventually of course we did start to color inside the lines in pictures, that is. Autumn and I seemed to put our own spin on colors and what would look best where.

I was thinking of this earlier today. I had been looking at a collection of pictures given to me over time by my nieces and nephews. I save these things, being sentimental over all their hard works and appreciating the effort they all made. I saw a lot of coloring both inside and outside the lines. Also some very unusual color choices, I liked that. All the nieces and nephews seemed to be free thinkers early on. Yay, that makes me smile and be feeling happy.

The expression “coloring outside the lines”, well to me it means to be free to express yourself. Be different, be unique and be who you are most especially. Dare to dream, think outside the box and of course always stay true to yourself. Those are just a few of the thoughts this expression brings to my mind. I wonder what it makes others think about? Anyone have an opinion or thought? I feel Autumn and I were very blessed from early on in our young twinnie lives.

We had a Dad and Mom who thought it was OK to express ourselves. We twinnies would have turned out so differently if we hadn’t been able to do just that. In chatting with Autumn about that, she agreed.

We also both remembered a birthday card she had given Mom a couple years ago. One of the lines in the card was, “Thanks Mom for telling me it was always OK to color outside the lines”. Leave it to that twinnie to find such a cool card for Mom and one that said such a right on statement.

I think those of us who really do color outside the lines are a bit more happier in this life. That is again my humble opinion only. I am now wondering what  anyone who happens to be reading this happens to think. If you feel like leaving a comment, please do! 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s OK to Color Outside the Lines… ~BY Gabrielle Angel

    • I am glad you liked this one twinnie. 🙂 It was an awesome card to find for Mom, she did get such a smile. Free thinkers we are!! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

      • No wonder you forgot the ❤ after TF. Today really is rainy and your brain isn't the only one who's foggy twinnie! I am a member of that club, too!TF <3=Twins Forever

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