A Picture and the Memories… ~BY Gabby Angel

I was looking at one of my favorite pictures of my husband Dave last night. Any of you kind readers following my twin sister Autumn’s and my blog are aware, I lost Dave to cancer. He’s been gone over 8 years now, I miss him like crazy every day. About this picture, it’s of Dave smiling as he was singing and playing his acoustic guitar. He kept singing, as I snapped that particular picture.

I remember the evening he was singing this song to me so very well. I can close my eyes and conjure up the memories so easily, I feel am quite fortunate that way. The song, Joe Cocker‘s “You are So Beautiful to Me“, a beautiful song, a beautiful memory.

Dave sang so many, many times and so many, many songs to me…I miss that so very much. Recordings I have of him singing are wonderful, but not quite  the same. Looking at this picture of Dave last night just made me cry, kept  me crying for quite the spell. I finally got a grip, and finally stopped…It was because I could almost hear his voice. That’s how well connected we were, I could almost hear him saying….Please don’t cry sweetheart, I am always with you. He is of course, because he promised he would be…As often as Heaven allowed anyway.

I got to remembering so many things about Dave and me, our time together and our first meeting when we were 16 years old. He came roaring into my life in a mustang. That’s a long story that I will save for another time. I got to remembering silly and happy times throughout our years together.

One of my favorite memories was the proposal night. Others were just odds and ends of other thoughts and memories. I have to share the night he proposed. Very romantic it was, Dave really did propose to me on bended knee. After the beautiful wildflowers (they are my favorite) and the candlelight dinner, which he had made by the way. Dave had learned to cook at a pretty young age, so it really was a lovely dinner.

That man had already won my heart right from the beginning, just as he said I had won his.Dave and I were blessed in many ways, I keep trying to remember this fact. Some days or nights are just more difficult than others. Next to this picture of Dave on my wall, I have a set of his drumsticks hanging. I took them down and held them, that was comforting to me. It made me smile, he loved playing his drums and I pictured an early memory. Dave was in one of his first bands. He was rocking it out, behind those set of drums and singing his heart out. These are the times I want to remember…Dave and his music. I fell asleep listening to him singing ( a recording of course)…I had very happy dreams.


8 thoughts on “A Picture and the Memories… ~BY Gabby Angel

  1. This is sad, but somethings are so good to write out. Dave was so much of a good guy I know you miss him so much. I miss him, he was my brother. I am happy you have the recording of his voice. Some days are worse than others, I know. TF ❤ = Twins Forever

  2. I was just writing what I felt last night twinnie. Hoping it doesn’t make anyone sad, but I am writing what I do feel. Some days and nights are sure worse than others. I miss Dave every single day just so much, he was really the best. It’s a blessing to have his voice both talking and singing. TF <3=Twins Forever

  3. Nice you have such beautiful memories of you and Dave. I see you cherish them dearly. So nice you had such a love. I know it is certainly tough to lose him to Cancer, but your love will never go away when memories like these are so close to mind. I am glad you had good dreams with your good memories, too. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • I really do hold on to my memories and the love Dave and I shared. What a blessing it was to have been married to him, to have had all the years we had together. He does pop into my dreams on a regular basis, so that makes them happy. Thanks for reading this one Connie. Take care, Gabby

  4. Hi Gabby,
    Your story made me smile; knowing you and Dave had a wonderful life together. And to be able to listen to his recordings, what could be better! It’s beautiful that you have so many great memories of him, your love with him and his music to keep you going each day~:)

    • I have to agree with you Lauren, Dave and I had a wonderful life together. It really is a blessing to be able to hear his voice on the recordings. His singing gets me through many a day or night, very beautiful memories! 🙂

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