Dancing through the snow ~ by Autumn Sunshine

We really do it all

I laugh and recall

Dancing through the snow

we just seem to show

and know

that we can dance anywhere

without a care

My darling man,

we really can

make the most of our love and life …

Twirl and swirl

and spin and dip

kiss me quick

my lips are getting cold

I know, some would think me bold

Only you do undertand

glad to say, my darling man

you are simply the best

let’s continue our dance, a silly fest

as we whirl and the snow falls

it seems to call our names

love in the snow

is the best I know

so let’s have another dance

we can take a chance

so let’s spin and win

and whirl and twirl

and dance through the snow …

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12 thoughts on “Dancing through the snow ~ by Autumn Sunshine

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