The Tooth Fairy Knows Where You Live ~By Gabby Angel

This thought occured while talking to a friend who was telling me of her child’s first lost baby tooth.   Always either a trauma or a time of bravery!  Losing baby teeth when Autumn and I were young, always meant a visit from the tooth fairy. On it went with every little sister…Some of them were cute, funny, drama queen like, or long and drawn out or down right gutsy!

Twinnie and I were pretty brave about our loose baby teeth, we were in it for the money. 😉 I am kidding of course, I wouldn’t give us that much credit for bravery. The one who sticks in my mind is our youger sister S. She is 9 years younger than us twinnies and Sister #5 in the bunch of 6 of us sisters. Sorry, I am making us sound like a bunch of nuns, with all this sisters business. Nope, even though raised Catholic none of us made it to being a nun…Probably for the best, too. Oops, here I am digressing again…Makes you wonder what a chat with me would be like doesn’t it? The same goes for Autumn, we eventually get back on track though!

Anyway the story of S. and the loose baby tooth, she was about 6 years old and that would make Autumn and me about 15 years old. Obviously by that age we were very helpful and sympathetic, which was a good thing in this instance. S. was wearing just a tiny bit on both Mom and Dad‘s patience and perhaps nerves with her several days of carrying on about this loose tooth. She was not being agreeable to any of their kind suggestions, S. was making it the main subject for all of us.I am sorry to report she was rather a drama queen, her cuteness made you forget that part. On it went, with the other two little sisters getting rather snippy to her and calling her a baby and other such things.

One day she came running to us twinnies for comforting after one incident. Sniffling and sad, she wanted Autumn or me to get her loose little baby tooth out. Oh my goodness, this was a first for us and I must admit I was rather unsettled. I didn’t want to do it, Autumn to the rescue she bravely volunteered! S.’s tooth was seriously hanging by a thread according to Autumn (she whispered this to me for reassurance). As S. had her little mouth opened Autumn quickly got the little baby tooth out in a flash! S. was surprised and very happy, it didn’t hurt she kept saying.

Then, she started on the tooth fairy and asked us 3 or 4 imes if the tooth fairy would visit, how did the tooth fairy know where she lived, she must have asked that one a half dozen times! If she put it under her pillow what if it fell on the floor or whatever, would the tooth fairy find it? And by the way, how much money was the tooth fairy going to leave her, by the way? So many questions…Such are the ways of little sisters and Autumn and I knew well! We came up with a little trinket box for her to put her tooth in and leave on her bedside stand. Mom and Dad were pleased with the help, happily tucking S. in for the night…After they answered her repititive question, that is.Does the tooth fairy really know where she lived? Thankfully they got her settled down and Yes indeed the tooth fairy did visit! 🙂 🙂


23 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Knows Where You Live ~By Gabby Angel

  1. These memories are something else indeed! You were the brave one to get the tooth out of little sister S.’s mouth, and without trauma for the little drama queen. Well done twinnie and the tooth fairy found our house just fine! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. My girls are just at this stage.. I have no stomach to even look once they get the tooth out.. gives me the willies…lol…great write. Blessings.-watw

    • I’m glad you loved this one, although Autumn was the brave twin who got out the little sister’s tooth. 🙂 It makes me have to ask, will you help take out little lady’s tooth PJ? Also wanted to tell you I am praying about your blood count coming up, trying not to worry, honest. Love & Hugs, Gabby

      • honestly no, I wouldnt pull it. I had her dad pull one of mine out and I’m the oldest! lol Awww ty for praying for me and try not to worry, i know its hard! Send love and hugs back your way! God Bless 🙂

        • You do sound like me PJ, I wasn’t pulling anyone’s baby teeth! 🙂 Lol, You are the oldest and still had her Dad pull your out.I will try not to worry about you so much and just pray instead, it is hard though. Thanks for the love and hugs, right back at you! Your doctor visit was a comfort to hear about earlier I must say! 🙂 God Bless you, too! Give little lady a hug from me! 🙂

  3. loved this post its was real sweet of both of you thinking of the trinket box
    used to have nice cute thoughts about toothfaires till I saw that horror movie..oh man..
    and you know what kids are real smart..after tooth fairy my daughter once asked if there was a hair fairy..i would have gone bankrupt a penny ofr each hairfall…somehow got her out of it that hair fairy was evil blah blah

    • I am happy you loved the post Soma. 🙂 I never saw the tooth fairy horror movie, they are too upsetting for me to deal with. That is too funny about your daughter moving on from the tooth fairy to the hair fairy! 🙂 You would have gone bankrupt for sure, your daughter sounds funny and smart, too though! 🙂 How did you get her over the evil hair fairy Soma?

    • Oh Gabby she is smart no doubt however i told her hair fairy was collecting hair to make wigs and she would not stop any time soon and people who call her even once go bald before they turn 18…oh man that did the trick…Bonita( my daughter loves long hair and going bald..) i know i am wicked…lol

      • I am glad Bonita loves long hair! It was a story that needed to be told to her, it was hiliarously funny too I must say! You did what you had to do Soma, Bonita would have driven you crazy with the hair fairy thing let’s face it. 😉 You aren’t at all wicked, I am still laughing at the whole hair fairy deal and how you handled it. Desperate times do call for desperate measures! 🙂

  4. So much fun! I gave my son all kinds of hell when he had loose teeth, offering all sorts of fun suggestions for getting them out quicker. Hehe. He didn’t appreciate any of my suggestions (plyers, hammer, string tied to a large brick that I would throw….). No worries, I always let him know I was kidding, but he was still protective of that mouth of his!

  5. When I was a kid the tooth fairy would leave us money…usually quarters…now it’s like $5! Also she would leave us notes and tell us to brush our teeth everyday because she didn’t want teeth with fillings in them!

    • I know, the price has really gone up on those lost little teeth! 🙂 That is so cute about the tooth fairy leaving notes, I love it! Good incentive for kids to brush their teeth, I am going to give that tip to my youngest sister to use for her little boys! Thanks Lori! 🙂

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